We both joined The Science Connection for the same reason
- not really expecting anything major - rather to give ourselves the feeling
of at least doing "Something" to meet that special someone.....

Scott was VERY shy! He also had the geographical barrier of distance for many of the members of The Science Connection. He had written to and spoken with several very nice ladies. They were all very nice women - but not anyone that was......"the one" for him.
Chérie was having a jolly time going to dinner, the theatre, bird watching, attending gallery shows, meeting for coffee....... There were more men enrolled at the time in The Science Connection in her area than women - so she had the opportunity to meet some very nice gentlemen. They were all very nice men - but again, not anyone that was......"the one" for her.
Scott requested Chérie's "profile" and fell in love with her zany personality on paper. He discovered they both have very similar values, life goals, beliefs, interests and an extremely dry - rather warped sense of humor. He wrote a letter and sent it off to her Post Office Box. After a time - he wrote another letter to Chérie. Very soon - to his dismay both were returned.
~ We like to think now that ANGELS were sorting mail on those days ~
He looked over her profile again and noticed a phone number
~ so he nervously gave her a call. She wasn't home - so he left a message. The cats had been playing near the answering machine so Chérie skipped past his message and went on about her business. Undaunted- Scott called again. Again, she was not home. Scott left another message.
Chérie wrote down his message and the direction to call before 6:00 a.m. the rates were lower - that is when he woke up---so she did. However, Alaska time is an hour earlier than Pacific. Even in a dazed stupor Scott still managed to sound "awfully sweet". They set a time and day for another call - and cleared up some confusion about her mailing address.