We had our honeymoon at Disneyland. ~ We *love* the Candy Cane Inn - it is 1/2 block from the entrance to Disneyland. We had a great time at Disneyland and the Medieval Times dinner theater.

Scott was coming down with the chicken pox on the honeymoon. He had a really high fever and was feeling quite dreadful when this picture was snapped on our way back home. He broke out with the "spots" on Christmas eve - just after we arrived back home in Oakland. He has just well enough for us to to out for our First New Year's Eve. Odd thing that two adults who had never had the chicken pox before - met and married each other - [hee hee hee]. We share MANY things! :)

Finally in late spring of 1995 Scott was able to be hired as a summertime and then student employee of the USGS in the map sales office in Menlo Park. Jobs for geologists and seismologists were very difficult to obtain in the Bay Area at the time due to staff reductions and hiring freezes of many companies. He was dreadfully underemployed and hated the traffic, crime, the traffic, noise, the traffic, crowds and pollution of the area. But Scott is a cheerful sort of person and makes the best of most situations. He began to pester the folks back at the University in Fairbanks about finding him a permanent full-time position. He had been a "temporary" and an almost full time employee for almost nine years - he even had to carry his own benefits. We both knew that to move back to Fairbanks - Scott would need to have an offer of a permanent full-time position.

In May of 1995 - Cherie went on an interview for the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District. While there on her own she fell in love with the Fairbanks area and the wonderful people of Alaska. She did make the selection pool of folks who may be hired - but she was in California and the district had many fine folks already in the area.


The following year Scott called home the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend. He was very excited and rather difficult to understand but he managed to convey that he had a job offer from the University in Fairbanks and that he was to start on the first of July. We had already made reservations for a weekend in Monterey so we went ahead and visited there as a celebration of our upcoming move.