Dating when you are more than 2000 miles apart is both a challenge and a blessing in this modern world.


We wrote scores of Letters and made HUNDREDS OF HOURS of Phone Calls

Greeting Card Commandos

At one point cards were arriving in each other's mail boxes at the rate of three or four EACH day!!!!

Odd Packages ~ Or ~

Priority Mail is Your Friend

A coworker had said that we would send each other the oddest things while dating long-distance.

He was very correct.

We kept the post office rather busy that summer

Pounds of locally roasted coffee - for comparison, chocolate moose nuggets, videos of our home states, leaves, rocks and glitter to name a few odd bits.

Book Rate However - Is Not yes - you do save a bit of money but packages can take more than SIX weeks to arrive in Alaska!

The Dreaded Phone Bill - this was back in the days before calling plans....

~ Ugh City~ 'nuff said

The Invitation ~ In a casual remark one call, Cherie invited Scott for her birthday party.
Meeting Face to Face


Nope ~ we never, ever chatted "on-line" or sent each other e-mail.

We are asked that frequently but we had neither the computer equipment nor the savvy at the time.