Cool Science Websites


Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO)

Cascades Volcano Observatory (CVO)

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO)

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory (YVO)

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) - Volcano Hazards Program

Anneberg Volcano page - fun webpage with nice graphics and interactive features

Paper Volcano Model - make a 3-D model of a volcano by cutting and pasting

Volcano World

Tungsten Resources: A Kid's Guide to Volcanoes


Alaska Earthquake Center (AEC) Tsunami Projects - general information about tsunmais

Tsunami Inundation Maps for Alaska

West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center


Alaska Earthquake Center (AEC)

Recent Earthquakes in Alaska

Earthquake Information from the USGS

USGS Earthquake Information - general information on earthquakes, plate tectonics, magnitude etc.

USGS Earthquake map and list that can be customized in terms of region, time interval and range of earthquake magnitudes shown

The Next Big Earthquake in Alaska May Come Sooner Than You Think

Reviewing Earthquake Safety and Preparedness - very good site with useful links

Home Preparedness: What to do in an Earthquake - The introductory information regarding what an earthquake is etc. is poorlyl written. However, the information regarding earthquake preparedness is very good and well worth reading.

Emergency Preparedness for Your Pets!&utm_campaign=AW+Weekly+Woof+-+September+30+2019

Virtual Earthquake - graphically locate an earthquake and determine its magnitude

Seismogram Displays - a cool website showing records of seismic stations from around the world

Great Alaskan 1964 Earthquake:

Information from the AEIC

Aurora Borealis:

Gephysical Institute-UAF's page - general aurora information

Geophysical Institute-UAF's Aurora Forecast


National Weather Service, Alaska Region - satellite images, forecasts, weather advisories and warnings, etc.

National Weather Service - weather conditions in Alaska

The Alaska Climate Research Center

Sun and Moon Rise and Set Times - In this particular case it is set for Fairbanks, Alaska. For Anchorage simply change the last two digits of the URL from 81 to 18.

Geographic Information:

USGS - Geographic Names Information System - populations of cities, heights of mountains, what USGS map the feature is on etc.

Distances between two places

Astronomy and Space:

NASA webpage - good site with lots of nice images and things to do

Heavens Above - site specific (you can add your latitude and longitude) information with respect to a whole sky star chart and the times, brightness and locations in the sky of satellite passes, space junk, iridium flares etc.

The Constellations and their Stars - lots of good information about the constellation and the stars that comprise them

The Astronomy Picture of the Day - usually this site features a beautiful astronomy-relat ed picture with an explanation as to what the image is; links are provided for more detailed information regarding the image and terms which may not be known


The Air in the Earth's Atmosphere - This is a very good site with information about the atmosphere as well as links for addition of the topics discussed.

USGS Online General Information Publications - this is a very good source of information on a variety of earth science topics from acid rain to volcanoes and many things in between.

Just of Kids from the University of Illinois Extension - This is a great site with information on a wide range of topics such as weather, worms, food (and where it comes from), earthquakes, glaciers and volcanoes and more.

Information and links about simple machines and how they are used in everyday life.

School of Champions - Succeed in Physical Science - good information on various topics in astronomy, chemistry and physics.

JetPunk - Features a variety of fun educational science quizzes. Note that these quizzes are appropriate for high school and college students.

Alaska Sealife Center - information about the center and the animals there as well as links to sites having lesson plans etc. for teachers.

K-12 Resources and Oceanography - good site with lots of fun stuff


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