A Note from Scott's Wife...............

In Support of Home Brewing

Now the first thing you must know is that I do not like beer.

Yes, I know that is both shocking and disturbing to some, but please hear me out.

I do not drink beer, I cannot stand the smell of it, much less the taste of it, but I love homebrewing.


Homebrewing is a terrific Hobby!

So many very kind and gentle folks are involved in this hobby. It is very involved. People spend literally hours working out just the right recipe, calculating percentage efficiencies, specific gravities, working out solutions to "fix" a batch that isn't just perfect, reading about beer, talking about beer, emailing each other about beer .

Oh, yes and they even savor a fine craft brew now and then.

Note the omission of the phrase 'guzzling a few brewskies'.

Process - Homebrewing is an absorbing hobby with a recipe process that is not unlike fine meal preparation.

Creativity - The process of developing a fine beer can be a very creative exercise.


Homebrewers are some of the nicest People.

The people I have met along my life's path who are avid craft beer enthusiasts are kind, polite and educated folks.

Homebrewers have a genuine sense of Community. They are usually quiet supporters of important civic functions like Education, volunteer fire fighters, Churches, Wildlife refuge, Volunteers in Policing, Hospice, Community Food Banks, Homeless Shelters, Scouting and Campfire, Little League and soccer teams.

The Homebrewers that I know who have families always put their families FIRST (as it should be!) I know of a few "unattached" Homebrewers - most of whom would *love* to make a home and family with someone. Please e-mail me if you might be interested in finding out more about these charming fellows. :)

History - Beer has a fascinating history. Read more about this rich and fascinating history! For thousands of years folks have been drinking ale, wine and beer because water quality and trustworthiness has not always been reliable.