Zymurgist Borealis September 2016 meeting

It was a nice sunny day though a bit chilly.

Attendance was pretty low this year.

Nice sunny days can either bring people out to the meeting or they do something else enjoy would could possible be the last nice Saturday before the snow falls.

It appears the latter was the case this year. Of course, there is also the Equinox Marathon which also draws people away.

Frank Santora was one of the people who showed up. Not only did he show up but he also brewed up a batch of beer.

Below are some pictures of Frank's Equniox Brewing Adventure:

Here is a picture of Frank's truck and the shelter we meet at each Septemberfest and National Homebrew Day/Big Brew.


Here Frank is mashing the malt in a converted cooler.


In lieu of our standard bonfire picture we have a picture of boiling wort.


Pouring the hot wort into a keg for transport home. Yes, there is a good chance of hotside aeration but cooling the wort with a wort chiller, river water and a pump is a pain in the butt. We've done it before. It works but it is not pretty. Pouring the wort into a keg is a much more mellow way to go. Remember: "Relax. Don't Worry. Have a Homebrew!"