Zymurgist Borealis September 2014 meeting


I would like thank everybody who came out on Saturday!!!

I'd also like to thank Dave Covey for sending along a couple of wonderful meads in his absence.

It was a rainy dismal kind of day but about a dozen or so people braved the weather and came out to the campgrounds.

I had a good time and I believe everybody else did as well.

We sampled some very nice beers, meads and wines.

Good friends, good drink and good food made for a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon despite the weather.


Below are some pictures of the festivities.


As usual we had a nice fire to stave off the chill. Thank you to the kind folks who brought fire wood! I looked around but all of the wood I could find was soaked from over three months of rain.




Some folks at the event were interested in my growler tap system. It called a GrowlTap. Information about them may be found at: http://growltap.com.

Growlers for HooDoo seem to work very well. However, in my limited experience with this "toy" I seemed usually have sealing issues with growlers from Gavora's. This could, of course, just be "pilot error". I guess I need to do a lot more experimentation to confirm this. ;-)


Folks were also interested in my "no flow" quick disconnects. I got these from More Beer: http://morebeer.com/products/beer-gas-tubing-quick-disconnect-inline-shutoff-set.html?site_id=5

Note that I purchased these disconnects before BrewTime opened. Before ordering you might want to check there first and perhaps save yourself the shipping cost while supporting a local business.