Zymurgist Borealis Septemberfest 2006 meeting


This was one of the best attended Septemberfest meetings we've had in quite some time. I believe we must have had 14 or 15 people there at one point or another. Although it started out a bit on the chilly side it turned out to be a pretty nice day. Then again, any day spent sharing good beer and mead with friends is a pretty pleasant way to spend the afternoon regardless of the weather.

I believe a good time was had by all. This really is what homebrewing is all about; sharing your lastest creations with friends and inspiring one another to brew something new and exciting. There were some fine beers and meads at this meeting which should provide plenty of fodder for much inspiration.


Below are some pictures of this year's festivities:

No homebrew meeting would be complete without a fire!

Although it was a bit windy and despite a lack of proper kindling and newspapers master fire starter, Tim Walker, managed to be a pretty nice fire going.




Dennis Stephens, a member of the Red Hackle Pipe Band, usually parks out of sight and then announces his arrival by playing the bagpipes as he makes his way to the meeting area. Once there, of course, he treats us to be few more tunes. For once I actually remembered to get a pictures instead of standing there gawking. In the past I had to resort to using an "artist" rendition for the webpage (see the 2001 Septemberfest webpage).







Silver Gulch Brewing and Bottling's brewmaster, Dan "Dunk" Unkerstov, stopped by to sample the beers and meads.