Here are a few pictures from the Zymurgist Borealis Septemberfest 2004 meeting.


It was a pretty nice day. It wasn't extremely warm but it also wasn't cold and rainy. The sun was out and be had good beer and mead to sample.

We had sunshine, good food, good beer & mead, and good friends to share them with. Who could ask for anything more?

Life was good!


Honest that is not a mannequin. Jim O'Neil was real and actually did change postitions and move from that spot from time to time.


Although my pictures show only a total of four people plus me taking the pictures more folks did show up. I believe we had about eight people when I had to leave. Unfortunately, I did not think to actually document that with additional pictures. D'Oh!

I am told that another 42 people showed up after I was gone. At least that's story we're sticking to."Yep, we had 50 people here at our meeting. Too bad you didn't make it."

No matter how many showed up we had a good time. Friends sharing good beer and mead made for a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.


I had to leave a bit early from our meeting to get a ready for a trip to Denali. We had a Denali Road Lottery ticket for Sunday and we were going to leave Saturday, spend the night in Healy and then drive in the next day. Unfortunately, we at the time of the Septemberfest meeting we had not packed, gone to the store etc.

At any rate, I could not resist including a few pictures we took on that trip.