Here are a few pictures from the Zymurgist Borealis Septemberfest 2001 meeting.


September 22, 2001 was the tenth anniversary of the founding of Zymurgist Borealis.


Our fearless leader, Roger Penrod - founder of Zymurgist Borealis, President for life and part-time moose (fortunately for Roger moose season had just ended).


We had a beautiful sunny day for our "meeting" with temperatures in the 60's F.

Based upon this picture can you guess where the kegs and bottles of beer are?


Our Septemberfest meetings are held rain, shine or snow. We've had 70 F degrees and sunshine, we've had cold rain and we've even had 26 inches of snow but we meet just the same.

This was a great day to be outside and hang out with good friends and good homebrew.

After an absence of a few years Dennis Stephens, a member of the Red Hackle pipeband, made an appearance. As usual, we heard Dennis before we saw him. He marched down the road while playing the bagpipes and then once at our site continued to serenade us before marching away while still playing the pipes. He, of course came back to partake in the festivities.

Unfortunately, I was so enthralled by his playing that I did not remember my camera until after the fact. Above is an "artist" rendition of Dennis serenading us with the pipes.