Microbreweries & Brewpubs in Alaska



61.22° N, 149.88° W

Population: 297,483*

Craft Breweries:

49th State Brewing Company Anchorage

Anchorage Brewing Company

Broken Tooth Brewing Company

Cynosure Brewing

Glacier Brewhouse

King Street Brewing Company

Midnight Sun Brewing Company

Resolution Brewing Company

Turnagain Brewing



Auke Bay

58.37° N, 134.67° W

Population: 5,373*

Craft Breweries:

Forbidden Peak Brewery



Cooper Landing

60.49° N, 149.81°W

Population: 258

Craft Breweries:

Cooper Landing Brewing Company

Eagle River

61.32° N, 149.55° W

Population: 6,211*

Craft Breweries:

Odd Man Rush Brewing


64.84° N, 147.72° W

Population: 31,905*

Craft Breweries:

Black Spruce Brewing Company

HooDoo Brewing Company

Midnight Mine Brewing Company

Fox (~10 miles north of Fairbanks)

64.95° N, 147.62° W

Population: 433*

Craft Breweries:

Silver Gulch Brewing and Bottling Company


62.30° N, 145.30° W

Population: 181*

Craft Breweries:

Gakona Brewing Company


60.96° N, 149.14° W

Population: 2,714*

Craft Breweries:

Girdwood Brewing Company



59.23° N, 135.43° W

Population: 2,459**

Craft Breweries:

Haines Brewing Company


63.86° N, 148.97° W

Population: 1,082*

Craft Breweries:

49th State Brewing Company


59.63° N, 151.55° W

Population: 5,313*

Craft Breweries:

Grace Ridge Brewing

Homer Brewing Company



58.11° N, 135.44° W

Population: 773*

Craft Breweries:

Icy Strait Brewing


58.30° N, 134.40° W

Population: 32,269*

Craft Breweries:

Alaskan Brewing Company

Barnaby Brewing Company

Devil's Club Brewing Company


60.55° N, 151.26° W

Population: 7,038*

Craft Breweries:

Kassik's Brewery


55.35° N, 131.68° W

Population: 8,125*

Craft Breweries:

Baleen Brewing Company


57.79° N, 152.40° W

Population: 5,952*

Craft Breweries:

Kodiak Island Brewing Company


64.56° N, 149.09° W

Population: 372*

Craft Breweries:

Rough Woods Inn, Cafe & Microbrewery



61.60° N, 149.11° W

Population: 6,296*

Craft Breweries:

Arkose Brewery

Bleeding Heart Brewery

Lazy Mountain Brewing Company

Matanuska Brewing Company


61.10° N, 149.44° W

Population: 2,518*

Craft Breweries:

Seward Brewing Company



59.47°N, 135.31°W

Population: 1,087*

Craft Breweries:

Klondike Brewing Conpany

Skagway Brewing Company


60.49° N, 151.06° W

Population: 4,333*

Craft Breweries:

Kenai River Brewing Company

St. Eilas Brewing Company


62.32° N, 150.11° W

Population: 916*

Craft Breweries:

Denali Brewing Company


61.13° N, 146.36° W

Population: 3,903***

Craft Breweries:

Growler Bay Brewing Company

Valdez Brewing


61.58° N, 149.44° W

Population: 8,797*

Craft Breweries

Bearpaw River Brewing Company

Last Frontier Brewing Company

*2017 values from the Alaska Community Datbase Information.
**This is the population of the entire Haines Borough.
***2018 value from the Alaska Community Datbase Information.


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